Plastic Cards

Established 1999.

We have been printing cards for a long time



There is an increasing awareness of the need for positive ID in business and associations across Ireland, plastic cards have proved the convenient answer as they can be personalized with machine readable barcodes, signatures, photographs, names/addresses, numbers etc.


Privilege cards:


Promotional cards are the rifle bullet approach to marketing and advertising. You can hit specific targets with a lot of force. They are also long lasting and not just a fleeting impression.

There are numerous options available for promoting your business with the cards which will be personalized to your company.


Calendar Cards:

Calendar Cards


Gold, Silver, White, Black,

Pink, Red, Cream, Dark Blue, Light Blue,

Dark green, Light Green, Yellow, Burgandy.




Within the cards you can affordably place information relating to the holder allowing details, expity dates, access or restricted area access and many other features. we can overlay full cards and photographs, holograms and Company logo’s ensuring only originals are presentable.


Signature Panels & Layout:

GUIDE LAYOUT: This is the reccommended layout for financial transaction cards and is provided for information purposes only. plastic cards can be produced to any layout you require.

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